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We are living for the box: Repair of plastic boxes

In Padborg, Denmark, our modern workshop carries out repairs on plastic boxes from various sectors such as the food and automotive industries. By using a self-developed technique, cracks and chips not only get repaired but the containers become even more stable than before.

85% of all delivered boxes can be repaired by us - this saves time and above all a lot of money compared to a new purchase. Our repair costs, including transport, are usually less than 30 percent of the acquisition costs for a new container and the repaired container is ready again within a week.

In times of steadily increasing environmental destruction, the aspect of sustainability should not be neglected. With the rescue of approx. 900 tons of material per year through our repair process, Sepro Repair makes an important contribution here, because protecting the environment concerns us all.

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Our services: Development and repair of plastic boxes

We repair plastic boxes from various industries and also develop boxes according to individual needs and requirements at the highest level. Modifications of existing containers for special applications are our daily business. Our customers are very satisfied with our innovative solutions.

Just in time repair

Our mobile repair service provides just-in-time on-site repair for plastic boxes in various industries, such as food (dairy, butcher) and automotive with three vehicles in Scandinavia and Germany. Our mobile repair service comes directly to you and our technicians carry out all repairs quickly and reliably in professionally equipped transporters.

Fast and safe repair

There are strict hygiene regulations in the food industry which also apply to transport and storage containers. Whether in a large meat processing plant, in the catering sector or in direct sales - plastic boxes are used everywhere. In the daily use of the containers, it’s not unusual that the containers get damaged. This leads to the disposal of the containers as they no longer comply with the hygiene regulations.

This is where Sepro Repair can make a difference. Thanks to our advanced repair technology, we are able to repair damages in plastic boxes so that the box is not only more robust than before, but still complies with hygiene regulations and all that for a quarter of the price of a new box.

Professional and reliable repair

In the automotive industry, plastic boxes are used in different areas. Whether for transport, safe storage or for the dispatch of spare parts - the boxes are used in many ways and are exposed to heavy loads daily. Cracks or other damages to the boxes are therefore common.

We gladly repair the damaged boxes for you in our workshop in Padborg or on-site at your location. Thanks to professional working methods, modern equipment and well-trained technicians, repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently. Afterwards, the special boxes for the automotive industry can withstand loads of up to 1 ton, making Sepro Repair unique in the world.

Individual and high quality engineering

We are using our years of experience in the field of plastic boxes and their repair, to develop individual plastic boxes for our customers.

From transport boxes for the automotive industry to special boxes for the disposal of fluorescent tubes to wintering boxes for the delicate sails of a yacht - we produce boxes for almost any purpose individually according to your wishes and ideas.

Our repair procedure: Unique and innovative repair

Damages such as cracks or chips on plastic boxes are repaired using a special developed welding machine for plastics. The base of this device is made in Canada, everything else like the tip, the barrel and the electronics, as well as the welding wire, which is adaptable to different materials, were developed or improved by ourselves, or with the support of one of the largest companies in Germany. All elements are adjusted to our high standard-quality "Made in Germany". Our repairs are permanent and not "cosmetic".

To ensure a perfect repair and to maintain our 85% success rate, we have optimized our repair process. Our welding wire is made specifically for each manufacturer whether KTP, Cabca, Schoeller Allibert, Orbis, Con Pearl or other manufacturers and is individually adapted to the material to be repaired. Whether it is HDPE, PP or ABS does not matter. Likewise we developed a procedure for special containers, such as ESD. Thus, we have developed a unique process that guarantees a high repair quality. We do not use gadgets or materials "off the peg", instead we redefined the industry standard with our own developments.

In order to achieve the highest possible temperatures and thus optimum results in the welding process, we have redeveloped a tip and a barrel. Both material and volume and the required pressures and temperatures can only be used by us. Likewise, the circuit board of the welding machine was redeveloped by us to achieve optimum pressure and temperature of the weld metal.

Our quality promise: Certified and guaranteed repair of plastic boxes

We manage to successfully handle 85% of all repair orders. Our customers can convince themselves of our high standard by sending one box repaired by us to the independent German Steinbeis Institute in Esslingen every six months (of course at our expense), in order to have our high repair standard confirmed.

After a repair by the company Sepro Repair, the value of the corresponding plastic box is not only preserved, but substantially improved. Stability and quality are [...] measurably increased.

- Steinbeis-Institut Esslingen

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Satisfied customers cannot be wrong

As well as other automotive suppliers and numerous customers from the food industry.

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